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The combination of copper’s properties and recyclability make it a key material for technological innovation and eco-design in renewable energy, communications and automotive applications.

The International Copper Association, Ltd (ICA) runs a technology programme to support research and development and the bringing of new technology to market. Guidelines are set out for those wishing to apply for support from this programme – see below.

Funding for Copper R&D

R&D funding has been made available to researchers in academia or industry through the International Copper Association Technology Programme. Find out more by reading the Technology Roadmap.

Global Call for Proposals

The International Copper Association, Ltd (ICA) regularly announces a Call for Research Proposals related to copper, copper alloys and copper compounds. Also sought are ideas for the design and manufacturing of new products incorporating copper metals. One-year awards of up to US$100,000 are available for the most promising proposals. The ICA may consider an extension of funding or additional funding on projects with significant commercialisation potential that show good initial results. The 2009/2010 call is now closed but ideas related to topics such as these are always welcome:

Project Examples

Copper technology is on the verge of a breakthrough that will allow deep-sea power cables to operate at higher voltages (beyond 170 kilovolts) and at greater depths than ever before.


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