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The total global demand for copper in 2007 was approximately 24 million tonnes. The main uses of copper are:

  • Electrical Applications: 65%
  • Construction – 25%
  • Transport – 7%
  • Other – eg coins, sculptures, musical instruments and cookware – 3%

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Useful links:

Copper Trends 
This global database tracks trends relevant to copper.Copper Use in Current and Future Applications 
The European Copper Institute market intelligence portal offers research about copper markets.Seven thousand years in the service of humanity — the history of copper, the red metal 
Paper by Marian Radetzki, Lulea University of Technology, Lulea, Sweden.Abstract – Measured by weight, copper is the third most important metal used by man. The annual value of its 2007 output was on a par with the GDP of e.g. Ukraine. Copper is also one of the oldest metals, its employment going back 7000 years. For millennia, it was predominantly employed for decorative purposes, coinage and in warfare. Technical breakthroughs in antiquity, like smelting and alloying, expanded its production and enhanced its utility. Copper’s true heyday occurred after 1850, with the usage of electricity. In the period since then, volumes increased 300-fold, while costs and prices declined. With impressive progress in the technology of its production and consumption, the red metal has been able to hold its own, despite the emergence over history of formidable substitutes like iron, aluminum, plastics and optic fiber.OrganisationsInformation about copper is available from a wide range of organisations. A sample of these organisations is as follows:The International Wrought Copper Council (IWCC) 
The IWCC is a trade association for the copper fabricating industry.The International Copper Study Group (ICSG) 
This is an intergovernmental organisation.CRU 
A consultancy group offering services in, among other fields, mining and metals.London Metal Exchange (LME)
The LME website offers metals price information.


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