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Copper has the highest conductivity of the commercial metals and it has played an important role in enabling the development of electrical and electronic applications. In addition to its excellent conductivity, it has ideal mechanical properties at low, ambient and elevated temperatures, is easily fabricated or cast to shape and can be readily machined. It has excellent strength and is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.From high voltage transmission to microcircuits, and from gigawatt generators to computers, in every aspect of electricity generation, transmission and use, copper is the vital, energy efficient metal. In addition, there is a wide variety of less-common high conductivity copper alloys with properties tailored for various applications, such as electrical contacts, slip rings, catenaries for railways and tramways, etc.See also Alloys – Copper.Use the menu on the left to find content on a particular topic or follow the link below to see all available Electrical Application publications and software:Electrical Applications – Publications and Software.


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