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Copper Fire Sprinklers


The main cause of fatalities in dwelling fires is carelessness with hot substances, including smoking materials, accounting for 32% of deaths. It should be noted that 82% of households in the UK are equipped with smoke detection and that only 13% of the dwelling fires were discovered by smoke alarms.

In recent years residential sprinkler systems have been seen as one way to safeguard the vulnerable members of society from fire. Copper has a well established reputation as a pipework material being easily jointed, light in weight, capable of withstanding high temperature, delivering required flow rates, durable and reliable.

Homes protected by copper fire sprinkler systems offer peace of mind to the occupants as, in the event of a fire breaking out, the sprinkler system will tackle the fire in its initial stages, buying valuable escape time, prior to the arrival of the Fire Brigade

Copper is the ideal choice for pipework in domestic and residential properties for all the same reasons that it is used for the cold and hot water services:

  • Copper tube has a proven ability to transport water around homes.
  • Copper pipework can be quickly and neatly joined using either soldered joints or the new copper push-fit and press fittings.
  • The ease with which joints of all kinds can be formed is a distinct advantage when space is limited.
  • Purpose made tube bends can be used to reduce the pressure losses in the pipework.
  • The lightness of copper and its rigidity make it easy to install in confined spaces and means relatively few hangers and supports for straight pipe runs.
  • Copper has excellent corrosion resistance to atmosphere and water and this leads to a long maintenance-free installation life.
  • Copper is 100% recyclable, ad infinitum, and so has excellent ecodesign credentials.


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