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Scientific Papers, Brochures, Articles and Design Guides


This information is now available on  the global website promoting the new weapon in the fight against the microbes that cause deadly infections: Antimicrobial Copper.

The supporting science has proven Antimicrobial Copper to be the most effective antimicrobial touch surface and has sparked a global campaign advocating the use of these materials to combat infectious microbes in healthcare facilities, mass transit, educational institutions and beyond.

Follow the four links below for information on antimicrobial copper reasearch (laboratory and clinical), applications and projects – remember to bookmark the new links:

Scientific papers
– peer reviewed scientific publications.

– a range of brochures on the properties and applications of Antimicrobial Copper.

– easy-to-digest, recently published short articles from the trade and healthcare
press on Antimicrobial Copper news, properties and applications.

Design guidance
– introductory material and technical information, including the Specifiers’ Guide.

For all other information on copper and copper alloys, www.copperinfo.co.uk is still the best site for publications and specifications on all applications of copper.


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