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Cost The cost benefits of copper


The cost benefits of copper roofing are listed below. Couple these with the unique appearance of copper and you can see why increasing numbers of architects and designers are turning to copper for both prestigious and everyday architectural projects.

  • indefinite life
  • lightweight
  • durability
  • maintenance-free
  • recyclability
  • prefabrication
  • mechanised seaming.

Leaden Hall School, close to Salisbury Cathedral

“To have used any material other than copper would have made it impossible to achieve this building economically with the lightness of touch and elegance of detailing required. The choice of copper was acknowledged by English Heritage, CABE and the Cathedrals Fabric Commission, and helped greatly with obtaining planning and listed building consent on this sensitive site, with wide public support. The cost-effectiveness of copper was also essential to the affordability of the project.”


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