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Copper and Copper Alloy Products for Hygienic Applications


The first published results from the Selly Oak Copper Clinical Trial, Birmingham, UK, have shown that copper-containing surfaces have 90-100% less microbial contamination on them than controls from standard materials.

These results have been confirmed in clinical trials in the US and Chile proving copper’s continuous and significant action in reducing microbial burden on frequently touched surfaces.

The latest clinical trial data shows that patients in ICU rooms fitted with just 6 antimicrobial copper surfaces have a >40% lower risk of acquiring an HCAI than those in control rooms, without copper.

Copper and copper alloys are the only solid surfaces to be registered by the US EPA as antimicrobial.

Copper Development Association and its sister organisations around the world are working with the supply chain to incorporate copper healthcare touch-surface products and there is now a considerable range of products available.

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Interested in developing antimicrobial products?
If your company is interested in developing antimicrobial products incorporating copper then we would be pleased to hear from you.

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If you are planning a copper fit-out of a healthcare facility or care home, we are interested in developing and promoting case studies


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