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Brass Prunes the Price of Linic Secateurs

Brass has been chosen for the pivot pin in the Linic Plastics new range of anvil secateurs because it is 5p cheaper than mild steel. This cost saving was made possible as brass machines much faster than steel and the swarf produced is readily recycled - commanding a premium price. In addition, the brass pivot pin does not require plating to prevent corrosion and is self-lubricating.

Why Linic Plastics choose brass:

  • Brass components can be cheaper than steel
  • Brass has excellent machinability
  • Brass swarf is readily recycled and commands a premium price
  • Brass is corrosion resistant and does not require plating.
Anvil Secateurs - Linic Plastics

The 5p saving at component level represents a 25p-30p saving on the final selling price. Nic Burdett, Managing Director of the Leicestershire based company says, "This puts our secateurs in a lower price band making them an impulse buy and increasing our sales volume." Richard Smout, responsible for the design of the company’s new range of garden tools adds, "The use of brass gives the product a touch of class and an added perceived value in a competitive market."

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